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Telmo Ur


Simplicity of exclusiveness
Maletines de piel handmade - Telmo Ur

Traditional style

Bolsos de piel handmade - Telmo Ur

Classic atmosphere

Bolsos de piel handmade - Telmo Ur

Yesterday and today

Accesorios de piel handmade - Telmo Ur

Minimal designs

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Handmade leather studio - Telmo Ur

Telmo Ur

On these days in which everything is ephemeral, we plead for the longevity of things. For this, certainly, every product must be of the highest quality. From the beginning, we were sure that this maxim must sustain our brand.

On our workshop, we create and manufacture designs which revolve around the beauty of leather; pure and timeless line creations perfect for every occasion.

Our pieces are unique due to we make all of them fully by manual traditional techniques and because of the high quality of our spanish vachetta leather and other materials. 

In Telmo Ur we don’t use any kind of machine.  

Our philosophy is simple: quality.

Telmo Ur

The workshop

Present of traditional techniques


We only use spanish vachetta leather of the first quality and vegetable tanned.

Because of being completely natural, leather has its own markings and textures, giving each piece character and making it unique. 

Handmade leather studio - Telmo Ur


All our work is completely artisan handcrafted: design, cut, sewing, finish…

We don’t use machines in any of the pieces we make in our workshop. 

We use traditional techniques because we consider they are really still the best ones.  



Our pieces are sewed with high quality linen thread, this gives  them elegance and great resistance. 

We use high quality hardware.

Linen threads - Telmo Ur


Our leather is vegetable tanned by craftsmen; tanners don’t accelerate the process by aggressive techniques, it developes naturally. 

Aiming to minimize possible enviromental impact, our tanners  manage waste so it can be used in other sectors. They also use a biological treatment plant to treat wastewater.

Handmade leather studio - Telmo Ur

En route

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